It’s All About Your Business

Understanding the business challenges that our clients face, as well as their operating philosophies and practices, helps the lawyers of Wimberly Lawson render precise and cost-effective solutions to your labor and employment problems.

What we will do for you:

  • We will listen to your problem – really listen
  • We will return your phone call before the end of the business day or make other arrangements to respond to your needs as soon as possible
  • We will meet with you on site, or anywhere you propose, anytime – 24/7
  • We will not place an attorney on your project who cannot assist in finding the solution – our attorneys do not train on your clock
  • We tender our bills on a monthly basis. All services are itemized by task and time. We do not “block bill.” You will know exactly what you have received for your payment
  • Any concerns regarding service or billings are resolved quickly by the managing member of the Firm