Labor, Employment, And Liability Defense Law Firm

At Wimberly Lawson, we are a labor, employment, and liability defense law firm providing representation to businesses and professionals, nationally and internationally. Wimberly Lawson also protects the interests of companies, insurers, and governmental entities. We have offices in Knoxville, Cookeville, and Nashville, Tennessee, and maintain our affiliation with the firms of Wimberly, Lawson, Steckel, Schneider & Stine, P.C., Atlanta, Georgia, and Wimberly and M. Lee Daniels, Jr., P.C., Greenville, South Carolina. Wimberly Lawson Wright Daves & Jones, PLLC is a successor to the labor law practice of the former firm of Mitchell, Clarke, Pate, Anderson & Wimberly, which was founded in 1948 and known for its representation of the Mitchell family and its “Gone with the Wind” movie interests.

Our attorneys share a philosophy designed to prevent problems and to improve our client’s profitability. Our preferred client relationship is based on regular on-site and telephone discussions related to current and future employment practices. Experience shows that regular consultation is the most economical use of legal services in that it can help avoid costly legal entanglements.

At Wimberly Lawson, our system uses a number of preventive and cost-effective methods. An example of our preventive philosophy is the review of our clients’ compliance posture in their employment practice and employee benefit programs. These reviews are designed to maximize employee benefit dollars as well as to avoid costly legal problems. While our lawyers remain successful in representing our clients’ interests in union organizing campaigns, employment law litigation matters, and immigration and nationality issues, our distinction rests on this preventive law philosophy.

Wimberly Lawson also renders more traditional legal services. In addition to the firm’s well-proven approach to preventive maintenance, its sophisticated litigation practice ranges from proceedings before state and federal governmental agencies, to trials at all levels of state and federal courts. The firm’s attorneys have successfully defended against all types of labor, employment, general and professional liability claims. Our affiliated firms have successfully defended class actions, trade secrets, tax, pension and benefit lawsuits.

To consult a lawyer about your risk management, legal compliance, consulting or legal defense needs, contact the law firm of Wimberly Lawson.